Concierge Services


Concierge Services

The purpose of our concierge services is to make the lives of the Lux community residents easier and less hectic. We will handle everything from daily shopping to making certain their homes are ready for them to occupy and enjoy. We can arrange lawn services, pool services, and home plant care. We are dedicated to taking care of our clients.

Home preparation

We love making our clients feel at home. What better way to do that than to take care of all of the things that are necessary to have a home ready to move into? From making sure that all of the furniture is brought in and set up according to the client’s wishes, to having all the utilities on and in the correct names, we have it covered.

If the client wants it, we can set everything up so all the client has to do is literally walk in the door and sit down on the sofa to relax. We pamper our clients, taking all of the set-up off their shoulders and getting everything in perfect condition.


Many of our clients want a cleaning service to handle the upkeep of their home. We will set-up the schedule, make certain all of the client’s wishes are taken care of each week, and if there are specific things they want done or not done, we will communicate that to the cleaning service. Our clients will have nothing to worry about when it comes to having their luxury homes cleaned. We can even take care of getting payments set-up so the client doesn’t have to worry about that either.

Car Services

If our clients desire car services, we handle that for them with efficiency and attention to detail. We can set-up pickup and delivery to the airport for business trips as well as transportation to shopping, dinner and even doctor’s appointments. Whatever your driving needs are, we have it covered and will ensure perfection on our part to keep our clients arriving at their destinations on time.

If our client has a car of their own they want taken care of, that’s another kind of car services that we offer.  If there are repairs to be done, washing and detailing that is desired or a new set of tires to be put on, we can handle those details for the client, sparing them the inconvenience and time it takes to get those things done.


Sometimes there’s just no time for routine things like grocery shopping. We are happy to take care of that for our clients so they never have to worry about running out of things in the refrigerator or cabinets. Our grocery concierge services can cover picking up prescriptions and dry cleaning to getting all of the food needed for a dinner party the client is having. Our goal is to make the lives of our clients easier and less stressful by taking care of the day to day chores that they may not have time for.