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L U X   H O M E  D E S I G N

Lux of Naples offers Home Design services to our clients in Naples and Fort Myers.  From consultation to completion, we can be there to make the process of creating the home of your dreams a smoother one. Our home design services are for both real estate buyers and sellers and include everything from choosing products, researching pricing, to creating pictures and sample boards, furniture shopping and selecting décor items for our clients’ homes. We also are vendor partners with ASID designers and licensed interior decorators, construction firms and other home services partners who handle all facets of the construction and remodeling process, including pool companies, landscaping, plumbers and other home maintenance providers to ensure you have one point of contact to avoid confusion and streamline the process.

Staging for Sale

We want your home to shine for your prospective Naples, Florida buyers, and with our staging services, it will do exactly that.   Thanks to the beautiful staging our firm provides, each buyer that sets foot into your luxury home will be able to picture all THEY could do with it if it was theirs.  Staging enables the creative juices to flow and gives each special property its own warmth and appeal.

Staging is much better than showing an empty home because it will give our buyers something to use as scale.  Empty rooms often appear larger than they really are.  Furnishing these beautiful luxury places before buyers are shown the real estate helps them determine whether the furniture they want or currently have will work in the space provided. Our home staging service sets the tone, showcasing the property’s beautiful design and selling points to our prospective Florida buyers.

Materials Selection

When it comes to getting the right materials for a client’s home we are here to make sure they get exactly what they want.  Whether deciding which color granite to choose for the kitchen or flooring to purchase, our firm can help with these material selections, guaranteeing a positive outcome for the client in every situation. Sometimes a client prefers a very unique material to be used in their home design and we will make that happen; that is what we do, and enjoy doing for our clients.

Consultation on Finishes and Colors

Deciding what colors and finishes to use in a luxury home can feel overwhelming.  Sometimes the client may simply not want to be bothered with the home design process and will want it taken care of.  That is where we come in – we can help consult with the client on the finishes and color schemes wanted, guaranteeing the desired result.  We take care of the details so the client will  not be bothered with them, and can address any questions or concerns that may arise.  We do not make decisions FOR our clients but we take what the client wants and make it happen for them in the smoothest way possible.

Research and support services for furnishings and accessories

We want every one of our clients to be happy and more than just satisfied with the services we offer.  When a client wants a specific type of furniture or accessory for their home, we step in and find what they are looking for.  Communication with the client is an important part of the services we provide.  We want them to know we hear and understand exactly what they want.  Our research will find the best sources and we will obtain it if it is possible.   If we can not obtain the item for our clients, chances are great the item can
not be purchased.

Personal Shopping 

Our clients have varied lifestyles that can sometimes take them all over the globe for business.  Our personal shopping service enables our clients to tell us what they need and want; then we remove all concern from the process.  Our job is to produce the items our clients have requested.  We can either assist the client or do the shopping for them.  These services include picking up purchases the client has made online, or anything else the client wants.