Project Management


Our innovative project management services offer site watch and overseeing correct product delivery prior to installation.  We handle new construction preliminary selections, intervene on issues with contractors and subs, and help resolve any issue so our clients are not repeatedly called on issues we can properly manage.   We can also oversee the delivery and set-up of final furnishings and décor for the residence so our clients have peace of mind even when not in town.

Repairs, Remodeling, Renovation or Home Services Project Management

We excel at getting things done for our luxury home clients without bogging them down with the details.  Our goal is to take care of all the specific details involved in any repair or renovation job confronting our clients–from setting up the appointments to supervising the job.

We know our clients are busy with their careers, families, and other activities,  whether traveling abroad or right here in Naples, Florida.  We ensure they are not disturbed with details we can handle, which frees them to take care of other pressing matters.

Our project management services include handling the relationships, details, and direction of contractors/service providers in order to achieve our client’s goals.   In the event there are repairs to be done, we  find the right repairmen and make certain  someone is there to greet them when they arrive.  Our clients are not burdened with having to cancel appointments or reschedule their days to be home when repairmen show up–we handle that for them.  We also make certain the job is done correctly and everything is in perfect working order again.

When it comes to renovations, we are with our clients every step of the way.   We can assist in everything from materials purchasing, to selecting the right contractor for the renovation job,  to finding the best appliances, counter-tops and flooring; no matter what our clients need and want, we make sure it is exactly as they desire without burdening them with the meticulous details that are included in any repair or renovation job.

New Construction

The process of home-building is very involved and includes dealing with a lot of different people.  When our client wants a new home built, we are there to help select, and then handle,  the very best  contractors, subcontractors and  electricians.   We can also manage obtaining the proper permits and  licenses.   Our consultations with the client inform us of every aspect of the process, so we know the desired outcome.

From  beginning to end we take care of it all, with continued updates and progress reports to our clients; we find solutions to problems and resolve all issues without burdening our clients.

We encourage our clients to be involved in the process, and when they are, we make sense of anything the contractors state that may be unclear, keeping our clients apprised of the building process every step of the way.

Our goal is to make the home-building experience enjoyable and stress-free for our clients.  Having a newly constructed home is very exciting but things can go wrong and delays can happen.  Our  handling any problematic issue that develops permits our clients to enjoy the process, worry-free.