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We offer Fee Based Consulting to our clients, both buyers and sellers, and to the legal community to help resolve value disputes in a divorce or an estate involving various beneficiaries.

Our Fee-Based Consulting services help our sellers with additional details that are not part of the regular selling process. We can take care of the entire process going above and beyond if necessary to relieve the seller from the stress and worry that can sometimes accompany selling a property. These services will vary from client to client and will be personally tailored to individual needs. Our goal is to make the selling process enjoyable and pleasant experience from beginning to end.

We also offer consulting services to buyers, including real estate market consulting, and, finding homes that are not yet listed on the MLS for sale. In addition, we connect buyers with developers, contractors, builders and other trusted real estate industry professionals.

Our consulting services provide our luxury real estate buyers and sellers with peace of mind, knowing they have an experienced professional working with them every step of the way, no matter what it takes.